Thursday, September 12, 2013

Now its Ibra's Turn

First it was Zinedine Zidane.

Now, its Zlatan Ibrahimovic's turn.

Without even having officially kicked a ball for Real Madrid, both Zidane and Ibrahimovic have already cast their verdicts on Gareth Bale's world record transfer fee: he's not worth it.

Zidane was perhaps a bit more charitable in his comments when he labeled the EURO100 million Real Madrid spent on the former Tottenham star as "incomprehensible."

Ibrahimovic was a little more blunt.

"No footballer is worth paying that amount of money for. There is a lot of pressure on him," the PSG striker said in an interview with BBC Radio 5.

Ibrahimovic went further and warned Bale of the pressure awaiting him from Madrid's fans.

"I know that when Zinedine Zidane played for Madrid, the fans were whistling against him. If they can whistle against Zidane, for me one of the best players in history, I hope Bale has a lot of patience," he said.

No doubt, the pressure on Bale from the fans will be a lot more intense than what Zidane experienced.

In all honesty, you have to ask yourself just how popular Bale was in Spain prior to this summer. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them were wondering just exactly who he was. And to make matters worse, a fan favourite like Mesut Ozil had to make way for Bale's arrival.

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