Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gerrard returns!

Well, OK, this wasn't Steven Gerrard's return to the side. That was last weekend at the 1-0 defeat to Sunderland. But Liverpool's 3-0 victory over Everton marked the return of the Steven Gerrard that was once considered a colossal in English football.

The Liverpool skipper's hat-trick was one for the record books with all three goals executed with perfect precision. And Luis Suarez -who's been able to maintain his own record of being in the news for the wrong reasons - played a hand in all three goals.

In fact, goal number two was created by the Uruguayan striker while the third goal was the result of a neat link-up with Gerrard. It certainly makes you wonder if he would be a better striking partner for Suarez than Andy Carroll or Dirk Kuyt.

I'll post more later but here are some interesting (and really funny) tweets from the Daily Mirror and its readers during the match.

"@MirrorFootball Everton's right-back is a bit apprehensive about going forward...he's feeling a bit inHIBBERTed."

"I bet he feels like a right Pienaar after that miss"

 "If this game was a Beatles song it'd be Revolution #9. Loads going on and very loud but not sure what any of it means"

"Note to Andy Carroll: That's the sort of chip you should be interested in. Brilliant goal from Stevie G. 1-0"

"Watching Merseyside derby on Sky 3D. Every time Andy Carroll tries to trap the ball I instinctively move to protect my living room windows"

"For those not watching: Shot of Stevie G wincing as he left the pitch there"

"@MirrorFootball It's the weight of nine mediocre players on his shoulders."

"@MirrorFootball if Andy Carrol scores he'll hold up his shirt and his vest will say "why never me?" "

You can read the rest here

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