Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mixed Signals On Carroll

The news of late surrounding Andy Carroll's future at Liverpool has been, well, mixed. On the outset, it appears as though both club and player are willing to part ways.

The popular theory out there is that the Liverpool's new manager, Brendan Rodgers, is no big fan of Carroll. And he may not be equally popular with the Reds owners in Boston who have yet to see any returns on the massive sum invested in the England forward.

Carroll, for his part, is apparently frustrated at a lack of opportunity to prove himself to Rodgers, especially after some impressive displays in EURO 2012.

Seems straight-forward doesn't it?Almost.

Soccernet reports that Liverpool have accepted a bid of GBP 19 million from West Ham for the striker but Carroll has rejected a move to Upton Park. In fact, Carroll's rejection comes a day after his new manager revealed that the striker wants to carry on at Anfield and that the former Newcastle forward could fit into his style of play.

If that's so, why did they accept a bid from West Ham especially when it comprised of a GBP2 million season-long loan payment with an option to permanently sign the striker for GBP17 million at the end of the season.

So, even from a financial perspective, this wasn't a deal that would have benefited Liverpool whose transfer budget this summer seems hinged upon their ability to raise cash by offloading some expensive and ineffective players.

What gives? Is there a communication breakdown between Rodgers and his new employers?

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